Sunday, February 13, 2011

Code to Zero

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Set in the cold war, a man with amnesia struggles through 48 hours that could change the world's political landscape (1).


Ken Follett, a Welsh author of thrillers and historical novels has sold more than 100 million copies of his works.


A disoriented Luke wakes up in a public bathroom, dressed as a bum, his memory gone. A set of twin questions is posed as the chapter progresses: what happened to him, and who is he? As Luke goes about trying to find his identity, someone is following his every move, a close friend who also works for the CIA. But why won’t his friend simply help him? (source: Thrills Blog)

Luke establishes (by the simple method of going into a library and pulling books off shelves until he finds one that he understands,) that he is in fact Dr Lucas - a rocket scientist, and well known in his field. He further establishes that he is directly responsible for the design of a rocket due to be launched by America in an attempt to match the Soviet Sputnik, and bolster America's entry into what would become the Space Race.Several people from his past both help and hinder his progress, and the implication is made that he himself was a Soviet spy, and had his memory erased instead of being killed. (source: Wikipedia)


My friend Beth had given me this book in exchange for The Bretheren from John Grisham. According to her, it is perfect "plane food" and she is right: the story really sucks you in. Fast read and perfectly entertaining!
The book is stil lying on my desk, waiting for a new owner.


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