Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girl with a One-Track Mind

Cover picture from Abby Lee
A blog about sexuality.


Abby Lee, pen name of Zoe Margolis, British blogger.


The author blogs in detail about her life as a sexually active young woman in London. The blog has won praise for its keen psychological insights into male and female sexuality, as well as for the author's earthy humour. In August 2006, Lee published the text of the blog as a book with the same name.

Soon after the book was published, the Sunday Times published an article which revealed the identity of the author as Zoe Margolis, an assistant director in the film industry. Margolis described the experience as "nightmare", "hell" and "fiasco", writing about how deeply it affected her personal life and caused her to lose her career in the film industry. (source: Wikipedia)


Short after the "outing" of Zoe Margolis I got to know her blog and was intrigued by the honest way she has been writing about her sex life. As a man, it was an interesting way of learning more about sexuality from the female perspective and I am convinced that it taught me a lot, making me more open minded.

After reading several entries of her blog, I decided to buy the book on Amazon and gave it as a present to Megumi when she was about to leave for Japan. When I visited Japan shortly afterwards, I read the book myself while hitchhiking from Tokyo to Hiroshima and back again.

Returning it to Belgium, I passed the book on to Ine, the fiance of my good friend Yves.


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